Juggling act

Writing a book that was accurate and entertaining became a huge juggling act. Though I was confident that both could coexist in a story, I needed some guidance on how to do it effectively. I took classes, joined a writing group, and read books on writing to sharpen my storytelling skills. After countless drafts, my initial goal of conceiving a plot that was accurate came to fruition. With help from other writers and teachers, who provided constructive criticism of my work throughout the one writing year process, Grant of Immunity transformed into the kind of book that I knew readers would not be able to put down.

Earlier this month, Grant of Immunity was officially released. So many readers have described it as a page-turner. Some have even finished it in one or two sittings. Others have said that the book took them on an engrossing ride through the justice system. Writing a blog is my attempt at continuing that journey. If you are reader with little legal knowledge, I want to help you better understand the system so that you can appreciate what you read. If you are a fellow author in crime fiction or simply a professional in the publishing industry, I want to help you evaluate and participate in telling accurate stories. Stories that tell the truth.