Garret Holms


“The courtroom is the best stage for a gut-wrenching thriller. It’s where tempers fly and tensions flare. It is where the human condition is tested, the place where people unravel and try to become whole again as they defend their own versions of what they perceive to be the truth.”

-Garret Holms

About Garret Holms

Garret Holms is a judge and criminal trial expert with more than fifteen years of on-the-job experience. He has worked all aspects of the justice system, from superior court judge to defense attorney to criminal prosecutor. Holms has tried every type of criminal case imaginable, including special circumstances homicide, sexual assault, police corruption, and gangland murder. Garret Holms knows the justice system as only an insider can, and he brings that expertise to his prose.


Garret Holms

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