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Examiner.com (****)

“…a gripping read” Publisher’s Weekly

Publisher’s Weekly feature on why the courtroom is the perfect backdrop for a thriller.
Publishers Weekly – March 30, 2015

“fast-paced …sharp dialogue and intelligent legal arguments…the energetic, brisk story makes a thoroughly enjoyable read for anyone.” Kirkus

“An intelligent and engrossing read.”
Good Reads (5 stars)

“Grant of Immunity is an amazing book, complex and textured and never predictable.”
James N. Frey, Internationally acclaimed author, How to Write a Damn Good Novel *****

“As another judge in a criminal court I rarely read courtroom thrillers because the procedures described are so unreal. A friend recommended this book as being the best of the genre and I have to agree. It is obvious that the author has lived in a real criminal courtroom and expertly conveys the drama of a court case in a realistic fashion. The book is a page turner…It deserves a very wide audience.”
Katherine Mader, Author of Perfect Crimes *****

“You could read hundreds of legal thrillers, and not find better, more authentic courtroom conflict.” John Kralik, Author of A Simple Act of Gratitude *****

“This is a cracking debut thriller… impressive and powerful court room drama, with clever dialogue.” Goodreads *****


“You care about the characters, because they’re real people, each with flaws.”- Anthony J Mohr, Verified Amazon Purchase

“Frankly, this is one novel I could not put down.” – Michelle Rosenblatt, Verified Amazon Purchase

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“Fans of the legal thriller genre: heads up! Way, way up! There’s a new guy in town and he can write courtroom drama with the best of them.” – Corie S, Amazon reviewer

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